A little about me

I have been a Designer almost Forever: women's wear, sporting goods, interiors, special painted finishes and came to Botanical art in the 1990's via a year of Natural Science Illustration at The Rhode Island School of Design and a class with Sarah Roche at Wellesley College. I fell in love with looking at how plants display and grow from seed to seed and enjoy the challenge of composing and rendering them. 

My paintings have been in many International Juried exhibits in the U.S and won several awards. I am painting again in 2015, after taking a few years off for other projects and it is a pleasure.

I am a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists and the founding Vice President of the New England Society of Botanical Artists. I am also a Gallery Artist at the South Shore Art Gallery, Cohasset, MA. Boston College is my Alma Mater. Some of my work can be found in the publications: Sophisticated Surfaces, Rockport Press and in Today's Botanical Artists, Schiffer Press.

Travel and gardening have been my passions for a long time and I am now lucky to make my home on Cape Cod.